Help Request: wrong body hash

From: David Flanigan <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 20:55:09 -0400


Hello all,

I run a fairly small mail server and have been trying to get DKIM to
work. I have it working most of the way working except for one item
which has me stumped.

All of the message I send fail the body hash, and I am not sure how that
can be. I am not, I believe doing anything to them outbound that would
cause the message to change.

When I send a message to the wonderful verifier (and, yes
others - including checking through my gmail) I end up with something
like this the below.

I have enabled "FixCRLF yes" in my .conf file just be sure it was
nothing related to line feeds.

I do verify that the outbound messages appeared to be tagged properly:

_Jul 26 20:42:44 ns1 opendkim[18206]: t6R0giTH019226: [] not internal_
_Jul 26 20:42:44 ns1 opendkim[18206]: t6R0giTH019226: not authenticated_
_Jul 26 20:42:44 ns1 opendkim[18206]: t6R0giTH019226: DKIM verification
_Jul 26 20:42:44 ns1 sendmail[19226]: t6R0giTH019226: Milter insert (1):
header: Authentication-Results:;\n\tdkim=pass (2048-bit

Here is the detail:

_DomainKeys check details:_
_Result: neutral (message not signed)_
_ID(s) verified: header.From=dave_at_flanigan.net_
_DNS record(s):_

_DKIM check details:_
_Result: fail (wrong body hash: expected
_ID(s) verified: _
_Canonicalized Headers:_
_ subject:testindkim'0D''0A'_
_ date:Sun,'20'26'20'Jul'20'2015'20'20:42:38'20'-0400'0D''0A'_
_ from:David'20'Flanigan'20'<>'0D''0A'_

_Canonicalized Body:_
_ --=_3604ca9a19c95053322a05d431ae9e27'0D''0A'_
_ Content-Transfer-Encoding:'20'7bit'0D''0A'_
_ Content-Type:'20'text/plain;'20'charset=US-ASCII'0D''0A'_
_ '0D''0A'_
_ '20''0D''0A'_
_ '0D''0A'_
_ testing'20'DKIM'20''0D''0A'_
_ --'20''0D''0A'_
_ '0D''0A'_
_ '0D''0A'_
_ --=_3604ca9a19c95053322a05d431ae9e27'0D''0A'_
_ Content-Transfer-Encoding:'20'quoted-printable'0D''0A'_
_ Content-Type:'20'text/html;'20'charset=UTF-8'0D''0A'_
_ '0D''0A'_
_ eva,sans-serif'27'>'0D''0A'_
_ <p>testing'20'DKIM</p>'0D''0A'_
_ <br>'0D''0A'_
_ </body></html>'0D''0A'_
_ '0D''0A'_
_ --=_3604ca9a19c95053322a05d431ae9e27--'0D''0A'_

_I do run Mailscanner and Spamassassin but I do not think anything is
happening outbound (i.e. Mailscanner watermarks are turned off, etc). _

_Any thoughts or hints would be greatly appreciated. _

Kind Regards, 
David Flanigan
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