Re: "error loading key" and "key data is not secure", only from time to time...

From: Patrick Proniewski <>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 06:46:57 +0200

On 14 sept. 2015, at 22:14, A. Schulze wrote:

> patpro:
>> File permissions are ok (I think):
>> -r--r----- root opendkim /var/db/opendkim/
> opendkim expect *.private to be readable ONLY by the user and NOT by any other group.
> Make the key readable for the group in your case does not enforce no other uid may read the key.
> so the key permissions are "insecure"
> -> chown opendkim:root *.private
> -> chmod 0400 *.private

Thanks for this info, Andreas. Nevertheless I'm a bit surprised:

- majority of messages get signed anyway, leaving only 0.25% messages not signed
- I've got another server, same exact settings, but running opendkim-2.9.2_6: no errors at all

I'll change permissions and let you know if it fixes my problem!

While I"m here: during my testings to find out what was wrong, I've used truss on the running opendkim process, and I was quite surprised to discover it stats /etc/nsswitch at a fast rate (more that 100 times per seconds). Is that expected?

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