Re: "error loading key" and "key data is not secure", only from time to time...

From: A. Schulze <>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 07:25:01 +0200

Patrick Proniewski:

> - majority of messages get signed anyway, leaving only 0.25%
> messages not signed
depend on your setup. I guess these messages don't have a From header
matching your signingdomain/signingtable ( DSN, Forwards, ... )

> - I've got another server, same exact settings, but running
> opendkim-2.9.2_6: no errors at all
RELEASE_NOTES mention a code change in version 2.8.1. so also: no idea

> While I"m here: during my testings to find out what was wrong, I've
> used truss on the running opendkim process, and I was quite
> surprised to discover it stats /etc/nsswitch at a fast rate (more
> that 100 times per seconds). Is that expected?
that's definitely a question for the opendkim-dev list...

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