Re: Lua issues

From: Iosif Fettich <>
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2015 14:14:08 +0300 (EEST)

Hi Murray,

>> a) as presented, opendkim exits with segmentation fault at launchtime when
>> /etc/opendkim.conf says
>> #SetupPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua
>> ScreenPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua
>> but starts OK if the conf file says
>> SetupPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua
>> #ScreenPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua
>> Why would that be...?!
> For one thing, the odkim.internal_ip() function is not available to any
> script other than the setup script. I can't remember why that's so, but
> thats how it is in the current version. I can't think of a good reason to
> leave it that way though. I'll add it to all of them for the next release.
> I couldn't get this to segfault with a build of 2.10.3 just now, at least not
> in test mode (i.e., "opendkim -n -x path-to-config"). When you try that, do
> you still get the segmentation fault, or does it have to run and receive a
> message for that to happen?

Well, it happens in test mode as well, opendkim just refuses to start (but
without gaving any hint in the logfile):

# opendkim -n -x /etc/opendkim1.conf
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


#SetupPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua
ScreenPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua

but it's enough to change the config to

SetupPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua
#ScreenPolicyScript /etc/opendkim/setup_dont_spoof_localusers.lua

and then it starts OK with the same command, nothing else touched.

If you need any further details about my machine, just let me know. It's
an x86_64 if that should make any difference.

>> b) even when starting OK, as SetupPolicyScript, the script will report "LUA
>> error... NO DOMAINS defined?" in the logfile, as long as I'm trying to use
>> domains_to_sign_for = odkim.get_dbhandle(ctx, DB_DOMAINS);
> That returns the set of domains defined by the "Domain" line in your
> configuration file, if you have one.

I do have one. Config file is like

## Gives the location of a private key to be used for signing ALL messages. This
## directive is ignored if KeyTable is enabled.
KeyFile /etc/opendkim/keys/default.private

## Gives the location of a file mapping key names to signing keys. In simple terms,
## this tells OpenDKIM where to find your keys. If present, overrides any KeyFile
## directive in the configuration file. Requires SigningTable be enabled.
# KeyTable /etc/opendkim/KeyTable

## Defines a table used to select one or more signatures to apply to a message based
## on the address found in the From: header field. In simple terms, this tells
## OpenDKIM how to use your keys. Requires KeyTable be enabled.
# SigningTable refile:/etc/opendkim/SigningTable

# cat MyDomains
so it seems that that defined domain just isn't considered for some 
reason. No idea so far how I could find out why.
> If you're doing the more modern KeyTable/SigningTable combination, then 
> this set will always be empty or not exist.
I'll have to check if that would work. Will report as soon as I figured it 
Thank you,
Iosif Fettich
PS. I'd gladly share/contrib the script I'm trying to set up - in our 
experience end users are highly scared/disturbed when they get 
spam messages 'from themselves'. But as long as I didn't manage to test 
the script properly, it makes no sense to 'share'.
On the other hand, although I thought trying to put Lua to work to get 
this solved, maybe there are better or easier ways to hit that target.
Opendkim's C code properly detects this situation and issues a warning - 
if it would directly allow to say something about how to deal with this in 
the config file, there would no need any more to do it in Lua.
Thanks again!
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