DNSSEC, Resolvers and Authentication-Results: "unprotected key"

From: Jim Seymour <jseymour_at_LinxNet.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2015 09:48:21 -0400

Hi All,

My home server is authoritative for my domain. The zone is signed.
It's all validated & verified seven ways from Sunday.

I have OpenDKIM installed (as a milter) on my Postfix instances, both
at work & at home.

When I send email from home -> work, I get the "unprotected key" thing
in the Authentication-Results.

This morning I decided to lay this problem to rest--one way or the

I finally found this:


That says the only way I can persuade OpenDKIM to see that my zone is
indeed secured is by installing and configuring the unbound package? Is
that correct?

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