OpenDKIM 2.11.0 Alpha release available

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 00:20:09 -0700 (PDT)

opendkim-2.11.0.Alpha0.tar.gz is now available in the Pre-Release
directory on SourceForge. The RELEASE_NOTES for this version can be
found below. Note however that since this is pre-Beta, other things might
appear before Beta or the formal release.

The major thing in this version is an experimental implementation of the
conditional signatures proposal. For those unfamiliar, this is the idea
that one can generate a signature that means nothing unless the message
also bears a valid signature from some intermediary. The idea here is to
be able to get a valid signature from A to C via B, so long as B also
signs. It's essentially a chain of custody proof, intended to get around
some of the damage DMARC has caused.

I will be traveling for a conference in early November, which will either
mean I have no time to work on OpenDKIM, or lots of it. :-) Either way,
I wanted to get this version out for people to tinker with, and I
anticipate releasing this version after that.

Please discuss issues with this release on the opendkim-dev list only.
Don't report issues here or in the trackers; those are for production
releases and general support only.

If you have features you would like to see in this version, please open
them in the trackers on SourceForge. Since we are in Alpha, major changes
are probably off the table, but I might be able to include minor changes
or fixes before advancing to Beta, at which point nothing new other than
critical things will be accepted.

Also, if you have a favorite build-time feature (an "FFR") that you would
like to see become a part of the standard supported code base, please
nominate it for promotion. I always try to do some housecleaning for
major releases, which includes promoting popular features and discarding
those nobody uses. On the chopping block this time: _FFR_RATE_LIMIT,
which has basically been overtaken by the reputation features.

Thank you for our continued support, especially to our donors and

-MSK, for TDP

2.11.0 2015/10/30
         Add _FFR_CONDITIONAL, experimental support for conditional DKIM
         Make odkim.internal_ip() available to all Lua hooks. Problem noted
                 by Iosif Fettich.
         Fix dkimf_db_nextpunct() so it doesn't incorrectly identify an encoded
                 hex digit as a value delimiter.
         Fix bug #234: Make "NoHeaderB" do something. Reported by Joseph
         Fix bug #235: Quote "header.b" values in case they contain a slash
                 (which must be quoted).
         Fix bug #237: Fix processing of "SoftStart".
         LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #190: Reject signature object requests
                 where the domain name or selector includes non-printable
                 characters. Suggested by Franck Martin.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Re-fix bug #226: Deal with header fields that are
                 wrapped before there's any content. Somehow the wrong fix
                 was committed. Originally reported by Alessandro Vesely;
                 re-reported by David Stevenson.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #233: In the weird case of duplicate signatures,
                 constrain the size of the resulting "header.b" value. Problem
                 noted by Joseph Coffland.
         TOOLS: Feature requrest #187: Add option to match subdomains when
                 generating zone files. Patch from Andreas Schulze.
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