OpenDKIM Most Useful "Default" Compile-time Options?

From: Steve Jenkins <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 16:01:02 -0800

The recent discussion kicked off by Fabio S. about having to manually
compiling OpenDKIM with the "--enable-sender_macro" because it's not in the
default Ubuntu package has me once again thinking about what are the most
useful compile-time options to have available in packaged versions of
OpenDKIM... particularly the Fedora/EPEL package that I currently maintain.

The Fedora/EPEL versions compile with the following:

--with-odbx --with-db --with-libmemcached --with-openldap

(with the exception of the EL5 branch, which exclused libmemcached, because
the libmemcached version in that branch's repo is too outdated)

Is it worth including the --enable-sender_macro option at compile time in
the Fedora Package? Are there other options that I should consider?


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