Re: OpenDKIM Most Useful "Default" Compile-time Options?

From: Iosif Fettich <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 13:02:43 +0200 (EET)

Hi Steve,

> The recent discussion kicked off by Fabio S. about having to manually
> compiling OpenDKIM with the "--enable-sender_macro" because it's not in the
> default Ubuntu package has me once again thinking about what are the most
> useful compile-time options to have available in packaged versions of
> OpenDKIM... particularly the Fedora/EPEL package that I currently maintain.
> The Fedora/EPEL versions compile with the following:
> --with-odbx --with-db --with-libmemcached --with-openldap
> (with the exception of the EL5 branch, which exclused libmemcached, because
> the libmemcached version in that branch's repo is too outdated)
> Is it worth including the --enable-sender_macro option at compile time in
> the Fedora Package? Are there other options that I should consider?

I'm wondering if it would be possible to include LUA support.

I've made an attempt to add a bit of site-enhancement some time ago, based
on what LUA callbacks allow, but then I gave up since recompiling each
time an update is done wasn't OK for the set-up where I wished to have
that running (at a customer).

If you're interested I can check for that older message; it was related to
avoiding messages coming from spammers pretending to be on the local
domain, a thing that opendkim detects, but doesn't allow any actions just
from within the config.

It continues to baffle and worry people when they are getting messages
from 'themselves', much more than when those arrive from some weird

Thank you,

Iosif Fettich
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