opendkim and ldap setup

From: Sistemisti Posta <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 11:42:26 +0200

Hello opendkim users,

  I would implement opendkim in my domain, reusing existing LDAP data.

My mailboxes accounts are LDAP entry, as

dn: ...

This data is account based, not domain based. An account could have
email aliases on different subdomains. So an account could send mail
with From header equal to any owned aliases (mail or
mailalternateaddress attributes).

I would like that if I sent a mail with


an AUID identifier should be associated to ""

But if I sent a mail with


an AUID identifier ""
( should be associated.

I see that opendkim doesn't allow this. DKIMIdentity attribute is single
value... and single attribute. This is good for OpenDKIM that doesn't
have to choose from a set of values. But it is a trouble for me, because
I can't reuse the LDAP accounts.

I wonder if anyone has similar problems, and if there is a reason why
openDKIM discourages this setup.

Anyway I tried opened a Ticket on this.

Thank you very much for every hints.

Best Regards
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