Re: DMARC analysis shows 2.02% aligned

From: A. Schulze <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 09:52:03 +0200

Phil Stracchino:

> I'm sending my test (p=none) reports to for parsing,
> and getting a result back of only 2.02% DMARC aligned. (96% have valid
> SPF though; all of the messages that failed SPF were relayed by
> I don't actually have a great deal of outgoing email, and the vast
> majority of mail that *IS* received that is originally sent from my
> domain is received via mailing lists I'm subscribed to. I don't know
> whether these messages are failing because the mailing list servers
> don't have DKIM enabled, or because DKIM doesn't "pass through" mailing
> lists. I'm assuming both are probably true. When I send a test message
> directly to dmarcanalyzer's DMARC check/test service, it passes with
> flying colors.
> Does this mean I'm basically screwed for DMARC/DKIM? I daren't tell any
> sites to reject non-DMARC-aligned mail from my domain, if 96% of the
> people *receiving* email from my domain are receiving it via relays or
> mailing lists that are dropping my DKIM (and sometimes my SPF as well)
> on the floor.


If you send mostly via lists masses of messages not send my you/your
then p=none is the best. Ask the listserver operators to move forward.
 From what I see (DNS and your message to this list) your setup don't
looks broken.
But that's a guess based on *one* message.

Finally please notice, for discussion of DMARC related questions the
DMARC Discussion List┬╣)
may be the better place.


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