What is the need for 8bit -> 7bit conversion in the newest opendkim?

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Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 14:51:33 +0100 (BST)

Here in the old opendkim source


is discussed


        -SMTP was not designed for handling of other than 7-bit ASCII,
        Instead, the MTA that will handle the 8-bit message has to downgrade
it before
        presenting it for signing.

In the current opendkim source there is no more information about "HANDLING
8-BIT MESSAGES" that I see.

Here on the Postfix list

    Howto avoid 8BITMIME

there is discussion in Postfix the conversion is still needed before you DKIM

    Use a dummy SMTP-based after-queue content filter to force 8->7
    conversion, then DKIM sign the message with the smtpd+cleanup+milter
    after the filter.

What really is the current state for Opendkim?  Is the "force 8->7" still
needed before?

If the answer is yes then what is the detail for best doing it?  "Use a dummy
... filter" does not tell so much.

Is it Amavis policy bank I need?  That is very heavy.

Maybe something in Opendkim can do it already?
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