Re: What is the need for 8bit -> 7bit conversion in the newest opendkim?

From: A. Schulze <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 12:23:31 +0200

Alessandro Vesely:

> How many MTA out there don't support 8BITMIME?
support is not the question/problem.
Many sites activly disable 8BITMIME!

>> There are concerns about doing this for each and every message.
>> It sounds good to do this only for destinations known to not
>> support 8BITMIME.
> What about SMTPUTF8?
that will not work either

8BITMIME defines two options on forwarding:
     A client SMTP has two options in this case: first, it may implement a
     gateway transformation to convert the message into valid 7-bit MIME,
     or second, it may treat the barrier to 8-bit as a permanent error and
     handle it in the usual manner for delivery failures.

SMTPUTF8 is more strict:
    It does require that the 8BITMIME extension [RFC6152] be
    announced by the SMTPUTF8-aware SMTP server and used with
    "BODY=8BITMIME" by the SMTPUTF8-aware SMTP client

Not supporting 8BITMIME mean no chance for SMTPUTF8
That realy sounds crazy...

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