What's the status of VBR in OpenDKIM? Still experimental?

From: <jasonsu_at_mail-central.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 07:11:28 -0700

I'm looking into implementing VBR in OpenDKIM.

The VBR WikiPedia page reads

                Implementations and variations
                        "OpenDKIM and MDaemon Messaging Server by Alt-N Technologies[2] have been among the first software implementations of VBR."

The main manpage


makes no reference to VBR at all, and the config page


lists the VBR-* variables, referencing '_at_VBR_MANNOTICE@' as default.

In opendkim's 'configure', VBR_MANNOTICE is defined as "experimental"

        if test "${enable_vbr+set}" = set; then :
                VBR_MANNOTICE="(Note: Feature is experimental.)"

VBR's apparently been around since 2009.

Is VBR in Opendkim still considered 'experimental' today ?

Also, what's the difference between


in the config and usage?

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